Sharp Font Writer WP Utilities – fwwputils

Software for reading .WP files – the native file format of the word-processor on Sharp Font Writer machines.

Includes utilities to convert to RTF, HTML, plain text, plain TeX and LaTeX formats.  Known to run on GNU/Linux and MS Windows – with a bit of tweaking it will probably work on any Unix-like OS, including Mac OS X.

I welcome any feedback, additions or corrections.  E-mail: matt026@semipryme.kom (address broken to reduce the amount of spam I get, to contact me simply correct the domain name).

Windows Users

Unless you are an advanced user you almost certainly want to go here.

Latest Version

Latest update: 4th January 2014

Source-code for version 0.6.0 can be downloaded in three different formats:

There are instructions in the ReadMe.txt file (which is included in the source, but if you want to read it online, now, then there it is).

MD5 Sums

943f3c2bf81af6cead4cacc09ca3f24b  fwwputils-0.6.0.tar.bz2
9c349239398cd755efefb624901d603a  fwwputils-0.6.0.tar.gz

Windows Version

I don't use Windows very much myself, but I have tried to make sure the source compiles in Windows – see the ReadMe.txt file for compilation instructions.

For those without a compiler (or who don't know what a compiler is) I have put some Windows binaries online, but these will generally not be as up to date as the latest source.

File format

My information about the .WP file format is in the FontWriterWPFormat.txt file (also included in the source).

Old Versions

I don't recommend running old versions.  If you have problems with the latest version, the best thing to do is contact me, and I should be able to fix it.  However, if you want an old version, they're in this directory.